Local Love: A Spotlight on the Art + Décor at Modern Dermatology

By: Brooks Dibble, Marketing Director

While Dr. Robinson and Dr. Klein are celebrated artists when it comes to face and body contouring with lasers, needles and everything in between, when it comes to designing and decorating the office itself, they tapped the very talented Dana Ferraro of Molly Patton Design. In the months leading up to our grand opening last summer, Dana worked closely with Dr. Robinson and Dr. Klein to bring their vision of a calm, welcoming, comfortable and modern office environment to life. 

It was also important to them to integrate locally sourced touches and so Dana tapped her network of local artists to source some amazing pieces. If you haven’t had a chance to visit the office yet, we hope this sneak peek gives you an idea of what our vibe is all about.

Linda Colletta

When you first enter our office, you’ll find two pieces of Linda’s artwork on display. Linda Colletta has been creating art in various mediums for over 20 years, and first translated her passion for art into a career as a scenic painter in the television industry before dedicating herself full-time to a painting career. She currently defines her artistic approach as an abstract expressionist, creating colorful and uplifting works for designers and individual collectors. Linda studied at Parsons School of Design and works from her studio in Bridgeport, CT. Check out Linda’s Instagram @lnmop for more of her work.

Linda Colletta’s Art at Modern Dermatology

Linda Colletta’s Art at Modern Dermatology

Kerri Rosenthal

Dana sourced the wallpaper you will find blanketing the wall behind checkout desk as you wrap up your visit with us. The pattern is called “Top Down” in the color “Carbon.” Kerri is an award-winning artist and interior designer who brings her love of color and pattern and her innate personal style to everything she creates. You may know her best from her iconic “Drippy Hearts” series. You can see more of Kerri’s work at her Westport shop & showroom and on her her Instagram @kerri.rosenthal. 

Kerri Rosenthal “Top Down” Wallpaper in “Carbon” - “Love Your Skin” sign by Baker Graphics

Kerri Rosenthal “Top Down” Wallpaper in “Carbon” - “Love Your Skin” sign by Baker Graphics

Baker Graphics

Layered overtop of Kerri’s wallpaper print is our bright reminder that whether you were here for a cosmetic, medical or surgical treatment we want you to “Love Your Skin.” We worked with Baker Graphics to bring this vision to life and love how it turned out. 

Allyson Monson

On the wall opposite our ‘Love Your Skin’ light you will find an eye-catching piece titled “Underneath the Light” by Allyson Monson. The piece is from Allyson’s “Ebony & Ivory” series. All of her work reflects her passions for the arts, design and travel – shot through her unique perspective. Allyson’s Instagram is: @allysonmonsonphotography.

Allyson Monson “Underneath the Light”

Allyson Monson “Underneath the Light”

Brooke Allison Photography

And these photos themselves…they are thanks to the talented Brooke Allison Photography. Brooke was a pleasure to work with – she captured the vibe of our office (and our Doctors!) You can see some more of Brooke’s work on her Instagram @brookallisonphoto from weddings and family photos to merchandising and interiors – she does it all, and all really well!

…and one more thank you to Dana!

Thank you Dana for pulling together this amazing network of artists and talent to make Modern Dermatology a special place for our patients and our staff. Check out more of Dana’s work on Instagram @mollypattondesign.