What do you have to lose?

What do you have to lose?


By Deanne Mraz Robinson, MD, FAAD

Back in the day, when you thought of surgical fat removal, you’d have been right to imagine a major medical procedure with weeks of downtime and pain and all of the risks that came with it including excessive bleeding and bruising and the need for a general anesthesia. But times have changed, and there are SO many new options!

We all know there’s no magic fix to replace a good diet and regular exercise, but for those stubborn areas that are resistant to all your efforts in the gym (think double chin, inner thigh, neck, back, upper arms and knees) there are multiple therapies ranging from non-invasive to minimally invasive that can re-sculpt the natural shape of your body. Modern Dermatology is proud to offer the leading technology and medical expertise that can help you get the body you want, so let’s break it down…are we freezing fat or burning fat? What’s the downtime? Are the results permanent? 

Tumescent Liposuction  

  • The gold standard of unwanted fat removal; delivers the most significant results

  • Local numbing medication is used, you are awake during the procedure, which adds to safety

  • Fat is sucked out with a blunt cannula

  • Advances in technique mean results without compromising safety

  • More down time in terms of aftercare including limiting vigorous activity for 2 weeks and special garments 


  • Fat doesn’t like extremes of temperatures, either cold or hot

  • Works by freezing fat cells 

  • Minimal to no downtime, but you may be swollen, bruised, and or feel numb/uncomfortable. You can return to all normal activities immediately. 

  • Little to no pain

  • Results are permanent as the frozen fat cells die and the good news is you can’t make more fat cells after you’re born!

  • FDA-cleared for stomach, flanks, chin, arms, inner and outer thighs, back, bra and banana roll (less tasty than it sounds, these are the rolls of fat directly underneath your bottom, at the tops of your thighs).  


  • Works by dissolving fat cell membranes with a synthetic acid that mimics the acid found in our bodies that naturally breaks down fat

  • Some downtime with swelling for several days after treatment (not one to have the day before your high school reunion)

  • Perfect for the “double chin” or sculpting small body areas like bra fat 

  • Little to no pain

  • Results are permanent

  • Side note: I was one of the investigators in the research trial for this therapy – it is definitely one of the more transformative launches in the cosmetic Dermatology industry! 


  • World’s first FDA-cleared laser fat lipolysis treatment

  • Works by destroying fat cells with a laser by heating the fat cells 

  • Approved for stomach, back, flanks, inner and outer thighs and now the chin

  • Results are permanent

  • Minimal to no downtime, you may be swollen, bruised, and or feel firm areas under the skin that dissolve over weeks but you can return to all normal activities immediately 

  • Little to no pain 

Where do I sign?! 

Patients have to understand that any fat-reduction technology that claims to be permanent will only work if you actively control your weight. If you gain weight, it has to go somewhere, and if you’ve killed or removed fat cells on a particular part of your body, the fat gain will find somewhere else to settle. Patients should only consider these procedures if they have stubborn areas of fat that no matter what they do in the gym or the kitchen, will not budge. 

Come see us for a full evaluation and suggested treatment plan! And click here to read more about Body Sculpting.